Conference Presentations

Of course, without places to stay, there would be no possibility of staying in the area of the Karlskrona archipelago.  So, as my wife and I like to call them, our ‘conferences’, tend to take place in nice hotels.  Here you will find the various places that we chose to rest our weary heads after we went out exploring the surrounding countryside.  When we ran out of gas at the end of the day, we were fortunate enough to be able to rest our weary bones and oil our joints ready for the next days excursions.

The resources available to us at the various hotels at which we stayed were very different.  Some hotels seemed to be unfamiliar with the science of catering for any more than a few guests, as their gas or oil supplies must have run out, leaving us with no hot water for a shower in the morning (I won’t name and shame them, as they were very apologetic about it all).  Some hotels were far more opulent, and probably were syphoning off the gas and oil supplies from the other hotels, as they had hot water forever and a day as well as providing entertainment, like decks of cards and chips for you to make your own entertainment.

I will present you with the various different accommodation options that we made use of in the area.

We spent the first night in Copenhagen – because our flight got in later than expected.  So I’ll start the Presentations of Accommodations on Day2.

There are many different sites that you can book hotels through these days.  The easiest way that I have found is to just type in the name of the region that you want to visit into the search engine and add the word hotel, or accommodation, and hey presto… with very little exertion of gas, you have a list of resources and materials.