We headed to a hotel in Karlskrona – I can’t remember the name of it.  But I’d prebooked it.  I had thought at the time that it looked a little glitzy, maybe not our scene… but booked it anyway, as it was located somewhere convenient and close to a petrol station.  (Though we were not planning on using too much gas to get about, we were hoping to be kinder to the environment and our bodies and do a lot of walking)!

Roulette games on the noisy floor
Too much noise and excitement from casino gambling

This hotel was not worth staying at though, we literally walked in and … within 30 minutes, we walked out again.  That night they were planning on hosting a casino night.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to plenty of casinos in my time, both online casinos and also land-based ones, and I contribute occasionally with articles to, a leading portal within the gambling sector.  I’ve won big and I’ve lost money too.  I love the thrill of placing a bet and not knowing whether the house will win or whether I might take the house down.

But I was in Sweden for a walking holiday.  This holiday wasn’t about neon lights, being cooped up indoors, gambling the night away.  My wife was adamant that we would not be spending the night there, so on we went.  We literally walked out the door and headed for another hotel.  After checking quickly on a hotel booking site, we discovered another hotel not far from all the major tourist sites on Trosso – and booked in there.

The next hotel was far better suited to our needs!  And we wouldn’t be kept awake by the sounds of the casino floor directly below our hotel room!

Whilst at the hotel I had some time to spare the next day so I visited a nearby casino. It had been some time since I had last been to a casino, though I quickly remembered the rules for blackjack and baccarat, and I was soon sitting at the tables having a great time. Blackjack is a fascinating game, and whilst I still really enjoy playing competitive bridge on a regular basis, nothing beats the thrill of facing off against the dealer. I’m not a big gambler, though I am an avid reader of the business pages, and I was surprised a while back to discover the infringments and potential court cases in resect to gambling between the EU and Sweden. Anywat, I’ve always believed that a fair amount of intuition os required when playing blackjack, particularly these days, when casino dealers are handling decks of 6 cards and automatic shuffling machines are very much the norm. At the end of the session I came out at about even. The biggest learning event of the evening was being told that you can now play a large variety of live casino games online via your mobile phone! You need a fast internet connection though, either wifi or 4G connection. I installed tha casino app on my iPhone back at the hotel and sampled my first live casino experience, with real dealers in real time. Technology is increasing at such a dramatic pace it’s difficult to keep pace with it. Who knows what the future will bring.