Presentations of afternoon of day two (Thursday)


Where to Invest for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Future?
Claudia Kemfert, Professor Hertie School of Governance and Head of the Energy, Transportation and Environment Department at the GermanInstitute for Economic Research in Berlin
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Is Biomass an Adequate Substitute for Oil? Liquid Fuel vs Solid Fuel Approaches
Christian Rakos, President of the European Pellet Council
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100% Renewable Energy: More Than Just a Vision
Peter Droege, Professor for Sustainable Spatial Development, University of Liechtenstein
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Session: Peak Oil and Urban Design

Post Peak Waste Management
Ugo Bardi, University of Florence & ASPO Italy
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The BAER project. Energy autonomy as a feasible concept to reduce oil dependency
Hans-Martin Neumann, University of Liechtenstein, Institute of Architecture and Planning
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Urban planning: a key in the post-oil city
Christoph Chorherr, Member of the City Council Vienna
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Session Panel Discussion: Peak Oil & Urban Design

Ugo Bardi, Hans-Martin Neumann, Christoph Chorherr
Moderation: Georg Günsberg (ASPO Austria)



Session: Towards a New Energy System – Coping with Storage as a Bottleneck

(Moderation: Christian Rakos, President of the European Pellet Council)


Physical and Economic Limitations to Renewable Energies at a Global Level
Pierre-René Bauquis, Professor at TPA (TOTAL Professeurs Associés)
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100% Renewables by 2050 – a Realistic Option for Austria?
Wolfgang Streicher, University of Innsbruck
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Energy conversion and storage using the Power-to-Gas technology – the missing link in renewable energy systems
Hermann Pengg, Head of Project Management e-fuels, AUDI AG
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