Day 6

Finally I got to stay on Aspo Island!!

We decided the best (and I think only place) to stay on the island of Aspo in 2012 was a small hotel, which I think may have been some sort of lighthouse in its day.  I never got around to asking… Anyway, it was called Asbö Lotstorn AB

Aspo Citadel and hotel in background

I’ve just looked at their website, turns out that it was a harbour pilot station, actually, completed in 1945 at the end of the Second World War.  Anyway, we did take a trip up to the top of the tower, which is 20m above the ground which had all around views which were spectacular.  We stayed in the tower, as my wife didn’t fancy staying in the hostel (shock, awe, surprise)!

At the time we stayed there, there was a conference taking place, I think which was something to do with gas and oil, or the supplies of fuel getting onto the island or something.  Anyway, there were lots of business men there, an speaches and talks taking place in the conference room.  I think that they do lots of conferences and the like there, judging from their website.  It would be an amazing place to do a large meeting I think.

Oh, by the way, something that will make you laugh out loud… we ended up playing cards that night at the hotel, with a oil baron from Texas… and the game we ended up playing was Texas Hold’em Poker…!!