We had to move hotel.  I couldn’t stay there any more.  There was going to be too much noise at night and I could predict that there would be no hot water, (I didn’t get any out of the taps in the bedroom that we were in for all of 15 minutes) so I told the manager that we were ‘out of there’.  He was pretty cordial in the end, and accepted that we were correct in our judgement.  It’s not rocket science is it – you want a nice hot bath at the end of the day after you’ve been out walking for hours on end.  We were out of gas and needed refuelling, not only our energy levels, but also, we were on holiday, we needed find a hotel that would suit our needs.

Scandic Karlskrona Hotel
Less remote location for the rest of the stay


We moved to the Scandic Karlskrona, still on the island of Trossö.  This actually, was much more suitable for us.

The hotel is situated on the waterfront and is only around a 3 minute stroll from the Blekinge Museum and 2km fro the Marinmuseum Karlskrona.  The rooms were pretty basic, but they did have TVs and wi-fi, which was free.  There was also room service, which was quite a treat, and on one night we took advantage of that and stayed in for the night and had a nice hot bath (no oil or gas shortages there)!  Again, at this hotel, there were conference rooms, but that seems to be pretty normal at many hotels now – to be able to cater for businesses looking to bring lots of different agents together to discuss oil, or gas, or car hire, or pollution.. whatever really.