Travel Options

First thing to think about was how to get to Aspo.

Choices were: plane, train or car.

Looking at the costs and the time taken for the journey, it’s pretty evident which is the most cost/time effective transport option.  But I’ll list the options nonetheless:

  • Car
Vienna - Aspo2012
Route options via car

Obviously, the most time consuming method of transport, and least energy efficient to boot.  The amount of gas it would take to travel the 16 1/2 hours by car over to Aspo is considerable.  Our ‘conference’ pretty much ruled that out from the get-go, as ‘it was decided’, (namely my wife decided), that sitting in a car for such a long time would be a waste of our precious holiday entitlement!

I tried to object, saying that we’d see stuff along the way, but was shut down pretty swiftly!

  • Train

I started looking into trains… but on finding it to cost around €150 one way, for one person, just to get the train from Vienna to Berlin, taking around 9-10 hours, with at least one change… I quickly abandoned that idea!  Don’t bother with the train – not a good option!

  • Bus

There is the option of a bus, whereby you go from Vienna, Wien, Station Erdberg, change at Berlin, ZOB, wait for a few hours then board a bus to the station in Copenhagen, København, Ingerslevsgade.  This option isn’t so bad, compared to the first two, as it takes 19 hours, with only one change… but, quite obviously, the best option is via airplane.

  • Plane

From Vienna, (our closest airport), you can fly direct to Copenhagen in only 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Boom! There’s your answer.

The flight we got was with Austrian Airlines and only costs around €350 each way for the pair of us, which was an absolute bargain really, considering the cost in oil and gas that we would have incurred if we had driven.

From Copenhagen, you can then get the bus, (again – takes too long) or get a train from København H to Karlskrona centralstation in around 4 hours, for between €35-45 per person each way.

At this point, you could obviously hire a car instead, to travel the 249km between the two places. which would get you there in around 3 hours.  This is the option we went for, as it meant that we had our own transport around the various islands of Aspö and Trossö and the general archipelago of Karlskrona.

One of the best websites that I have found for looking at times, distances and costs of public transport is so check that out if you need some more specific route planning guides from different starting points to Vienna.